Lynda Skeen - Shamanic Reiki Practitioner
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We will work together 

to help you move forward in your life
more healthy, empowered, and at peace
by working with the soothing energy of Reiki

and shamanic healing practices that include
soul retrieval, spirit release, power animal retrieval,
extraction, and journeywork.

Thank you for letting me be of service! 


Lynda Skeen
Shamanic Reiki Practitioner

 Phone:  323-363-2040

7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 502
Hollywood, CA 90028
(at the southeast corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea Ave.)
$150 per session.
Sessions last about an hour and a half.

Member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies,
Society for Shamanic Practitioners,
IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals), and
the clergy of the Circle of the Sacred Earth.

“Let the beauty we love / Be what we do.”  Rumi

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